Tamashī SPG: The Soul Playing Game is a spin-off of the umbrella game Tamashī, developed by Existence Software. Whereas the original title was an online battle arena title inspired by hero shooters, Tamashī SPG is instead a turn-based role-playing party game heavily inspired by the likes of the Dokapon and Mario Party series. Like the original Tamashī, Tamashī SPG is an umbrella game that brings together elements from a large variety of different sources known to the game's creator OrchidSomnium.

Unlike it's precursor, Tamashī SPG features an overall plot (albeit one with a very small scope) that ties into the Bola Parasola multiverse.


Tamashī SPG takes place within a digital world known as Seikatsu.exe, where the artificial intelligence units based upon characters from across the multiverse are tasked with collecting Tamashī Shards in order to keep their world stable.

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