花鳥風月: Experience the beauties of nature, and in doing so learn about yourself.
Homura Akemi, Tamashī
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Tamashī (Japanese: デジタルハーツ Digital Hearts) is an umbrella game developed by Mind's Eye Productions for the Nintendo Chrome. The game is a fighter-shooter, that has characters - each with their own unique traits - fighting in large 3D environments in order to collect Tamashī Crystals. Tamashī is based within a computer program known as Seikatsu.exe.


The game is a third-person shooter-fighter hybrid, that has players collecting Tamashī Crystals, instead of getting points for assists and kills. Every character starts off with their own, unique, weapon, and has a special ability that they can activate at any time (though many must recharge before doing so). Getting kills rewards players with Tamashī Crystals, as does various other activities, the main one being killing a boss. Additional weapons are also spawned around every map, with many of the weapons being hybrids of traditional weapons - i.e. baseball bats or light machine guns - combined with elements from different game series.

There are various gamemodes available to be played in Tamashī, whether online or locally. These gamemodes are the usual shooter game modes: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and Free For All. The game also includes a mode based off of Halo: Reach's Invasion gamemode, with it being called Virtual Boy. In the Virtual Boy gamemode, one team must protect a landmark (that differs depending on the map) and the various towers that surround it. The other team, must simply place bombs, and stand in "Capture Zones" in order to capture their objectives, and expand the map around, until the landmark is the final target.


The story has been revealed to be based around the characters in Seikatsu.exe attempting to escape the program and become real. Currently, nothing else is known about the plot.


There will be a total of 50 playable characters, with 25 being default, and 25 being unlockable.

Default Characters

Dipper Pines
The younger of the Mystery Twins, Dipper is a curious kid with an interest in mysteries and monsters. Dipper's default weapon is an Enchanted Shovel, and he is able to consult the book 3 for tips and entries on each character in the game.
Wario's tall, lanky, other half, Waluigi is a mischievous and maybe even slightly crazy villain who rivals the green Mario Brother. Waluigi's default weapon is a large gun called the Oil Slick, which shoots bullets filled with oil, and he is given the ability to somehow see through some walls.
The princess of the Twilight Realm, Midna is a stubborn, and somewhat playful, woman who can control the Twilight. Midna's default weapon is a Twilight Sword, and she is able to create a wolf out of Twilight to ride on.
Homura Akemi
Homura is a magical girl who traversed multiple timelines in order to stop her best friend Madoka from, too, becoming a magical girl. Homura's default weapon is an ordinary light machine gun, though she has the ability to teleport, as long as her Soul Gem does not turn completely black.
DJ Candy
Candy is a DJ, and the proprietor of various nightclub establishments, in which she does her DJing. Candy's default weapon is a gun that rapid-fires vinyl records, and she has the ability to use glowsticks to see in dark places.
Samus Aran
Samus Aran is an intergalactic bounty hunter who is usually equipped with a bulkier Power Suit. In her Zero Suit, she is much more agile, and uses her paralyzer pistol as her default weapon. Utilising Jet Shoes, she also has the ability to jump twice as high and boost-run for short amounts of time.
Velvet Scarletina
Duck Dodgers
The intergalactic duck hero and one of the greatest, and most prominent, members of the Galactic Protectorate. Duck Dodgers' default weapon is a simple blaster pistol, though is able to fly around using a jetpack.
Shadow Flower
A sunflower corrupted by dark energy, the Shadow Flower is a being that absorbs sunlight and converts it into darkness. Her main weapon is Dark Energy, and she is able to drop up to two Dark Flowers, that shoot weak lasers at enemies that pass it.
Esther is a songstress from the desert village of Al Mamoon. After cured of her Heartbrokeness, she joined Oliver in a quest to save the world from the evil Shadar and the White Witch. Esther's default weapon is her harp, which is a melee attack, though she is able to play her harp to serenade (stun) enemies.
Camofrog is a frog with some sort of military background, and now spends his days alone and cranky, with camouflage staining his face. Camofrog's default weapon is a sniper-esque paintball gun, and, while slow, can also camouflage into some areas, allowing him to be a deadly sniper.
A juvenile delinquent, and a contestant on the popular "Total Drama" reality tv series. Duncan's main weapon is a simple knife, though he is able to throw it (but will have to retrieve it) and is able set up to three traps around the map.
Edward Richtofen
A megalomaniac, sociopath and a sadistic German scientist, Richtofen is a Nazi who worked alongside genius Ludvig Maxis to uncover the secrets of Element 115. His default weapon is one of his own creations, the Ray Gun, and he is able to find Perk-A-Colas throughout the map that can boost some of his stats.
Alexandra Roivas
A curious college student who travelled to her uncle's mansion and learned about the Tome of Darkness, while slowly losing her sanity. Her default weapon is Edward's Staff, a magical staff that the Roman gladiator, and one of the Darkness' victims, Pious Augustus, once stole from the Roivas family. She also has the ability to summon Trappers, Zombies and Horrors by using the Summon Magick.

Unlockable Characters

A magical princess pony who somehow ended up on the moon, Woona is a random, yet somewhat serious, pony with a passion for adventure. She uses a Cartographer Blaster for her default weapon, which can also be folded into various other gadgets, including a hand-glider, a boat and a hat. She can also throw her exploding baby Roc friend. She is unlocked by collecting a collective total of 10,000 Tamashī Crystals.
The Dover Boys
Three friends and the fiancées of dainty Dora Standpipe. They are unique, as the player must control all three of them at once, which allows for complicated controls that are suggested from more advanced players. They use their fists to punch enemies by default, though are able to ride a large bicycle for quick transportation. They are unlocked by collecting a collective total of 20,000 Tamashī Crystals.



The largest, and most dangerous, of all the witches in many timelines, Walpurgisnacht is a freaky, clown-like creature who brings doom upon spawning in. Weird, cosmic children will spawn and do most of it's attacking. A weird, carnival will follow alongside Walpurgisnacht.
An odd, ghostly glitch, Herobrine is one of the hardest bosses in the game. As he is able to teleport both himself, and those fighting him, his attacks are based more on challenging one's psyche, yet still toying with them through some physical attacks.
An insane, schizophrenic being who's mind is set only on blood and destruction. Once said to be a kind hearted young adult, the "Villager" was said to have suffered a head trauma, leading to his new, insane demeanour. He attacks with his bloody axe, and can trap the player inside of his barbed net.
Orange Yoda
A being of perpetual power, Orange Yoda is a psychotic freak from the past with the ability to travel through time. He has the ability to create sockpuppet clones of the fighters, which will do most of his fighting for him. He is able to use his lightsabre and force powers to attack, though only does when significantly weakened.
A strange, undead creature from the alternate hellish dimension, the Nether. It attacks by flying around the stage, firing Wither Skulls at anything that moves, inflicting fighters with the deadly Wither status. Unlike other bosses, the Wither can only be harmed by melee attacks prior to taking out half of it's health.



The idea was coined by TimeSoul on May 1, 2014, when he contacted Fandro on chat about an idea for a new umbrella game. The idea was quickly brought up by the former, who posted "We should do an awesome fighting umbrella game where the fighters fight in 3D environments, and collect items to win. These items are obtained from killing others". More details, including the weapons and abilities ("we could also have weapons based around various things, and give every character special abilities and traits that could also aid them") were also brainstormed during the conversation.

Development started later that day, with the title for the game being revealed as Tamashī. The game's logo, which featured four characters - Midna from The Legend of Zelda, Dipper from Gravity Falls, Waluigi from Super Mario and Homura from Madoka Magica - was shown later that day.

Details about the game continued to be released throughout the day, with it's Japanese title, and the story mode concept being announced later in the day, and throughout the days after. Many more default characters, including Duck Dodgers from Looney Tunes, Edward Richtofen from Call of Duty, Esther from Ni no Kuni and Espio the Chameleon from Sonic the Hedgehog, were also announced within the first few days of development.

On May 23, 2014, Jake from Mind's Eye Productions revealed that Fandro had resigned from the project.



  • The game uses many references to Japan, and many uses of the language, in various things:
    • The game's name, Tamashī, is the Japanese word for "Soul".
    • The program's name, Seikatsu, is the Japanese word for "Life".
    • The English logo has 嘘 in the centre of it; the Japanese word for "Lies".
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