Shadow;300 is a visual novel and both a canonical title in the ⌭Saga and a spin-off of the Science Adventure series. Shadow;300 is the final game in Line α chronology of the ⌭Saga, and, in regards to the Science Adventure series, is placed within the µ Attractor Field, which spans the Divergence range of 72%.

The game focuses around the cast of Steins;Gate, though a variety of new characters are also featured; among them, Shiro Soba, a teenage girl whose very existence is said to cause huge fluctuations within time itself.


Shadow;300 is a visual novel, meaning the player has very little interaction in the story. At certain points of the narrative, the player may need to make decisions, with certain decisions changing the path of the story.


72.377841% - July 28, 2010

Rintarou Okabe and Mayuri Shiina travel to the Radio Kaikan building in Akihabara to attend a press conference on time travel hosted by Dr. Nakabachi. During the conference, an explosion shakes the building and, at the same time, Kurisu Makise, a scientist studying the brain at the American Viktor Chondria University, is found fatally wounded, and is quickly brought away by a medical team as Rintarou and Mayuri discover a strange machine that has suddenly appeared on the building's roof. Before either Mayuri or Rintarou can ponder about the machine's appearance, a young girl steps out of it and triggers the latter's Reading Steiner ability as the world line is changed.

72.00451% - July 28, 2010
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