Character Routes

There are 12 different routes (13 in the Nintendo Switch version) that primarily focus around a single character; with three exceptions, the characters with their own routes are all based around new Heroes that were not available in the original Warriors All-Stars. These routes are all separate to one another; though some events may overlap, the events also contradict each other in most ways. Thus none of them are considered explicitly "canon". Additionally, the routes all end so that there is a "true" route that concludes the story in a canonical way. This true route can only be chosen once all character routes are completed. The character after whom the route is named is the only character that the character may control during the route's introductory mission during their first playthrough.

Every character route has two endings: one ending focused around the route's main character and the "canonical" one that leads to the true route. Other endings are present in the game, which are instead based around small groups of characters that may hail from any route, can be reached at any time regardless of which route is chosen; the player can also choose to reach these endings during the true route if they so choose. For those endings, see below.

Yukimura Sanada Route

Ōka Route

Arnice Route

Opoona Route

Diaochan Route

Momiji Route

Azusa Takatsuka Route

Reisalin Stout Route

Obsidian Samurai Route

Dana Route

Hotaru Route

Nyabraham Linnyahn Route

Takamaru Route

    Note: This route is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch release of the game, Warriors All-Stars 2 Special.

True Route

Alternate Endings

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